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About us

VINA Phu Quoc Company currently serves more than 30,000 guests per year, is the first choice of domestic and international tourists when they want to explore the sea, island, culture, cuisine and unique experiences only available in Vietnam. in Phu Quoc pearl island.

We are currently the Top 1 travel agency in the pearl island, owning nearly 150 professional, experienced and highly qualified personnel who have been well-trained, always dedicated to the profession.

Besides, VINA Phu Quoc has also invested in more than 50 high-quality tourist cars and established a network of more than 3000 partners in restaurants, hotels, resorts, amusement parks, etc. on the island to serve all your needs. client.

About us

Business areas

Business areas

We have more than 8 years of experience providing professional services to meet all travel and event needs in Phu Quoc.

Nội dung

History begin

Vina Phu Quoc is proud to have brought a lot of value to hundreds of customers and contributed to a better society.


2018 - Challenge

With efforts to improve service quality every day, participating in and supporting many community activities, VINA Phu Quoc was awarded a certificate of merit by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism of Kien Giang province for its positive contribution to events. province's tourism industry

2022 - Development

Proud to be the first travel agency in Phu Quoc to successfully apply digital transformation to optimize service quality and customer care.

2014 - Establish

With the desire to be a bridge to introduce the cultural beauty of Phu Quoc to domestic and international friends. Specializing in providing travel programs with the goal of bringing joy and great memories to customers

2019 - Success

VINA Phu Quoc has affirmed the quality of service and brand when it is honored to be the first unit to pioneer in welcoming international delegations to the pearl island. Achieved the title of top 100 Asian gold brands and received the certificate of merit "Typical Travel Director of 2019" from the Vietnam Tourism Association



Vina Phu Quoc Travel maintains its position as the leading domestic and international travel agency in Phu Quoc


Applying an e-commerce platform, expanding the company's scale to 200 employees, continuing to be the leading unit in Phu Quoc to help tourists discover Pearl Island with the best cost and experience. Ensure prestige, optimize time, cost and profit for the partners who have chosen to accompany VINA Phu Quoc.


Achieving the goal of serving 70,000 visitors a year, the top 1 travel agency in terms of destinations in Vietnam.


Connect and accompany 5,000 professional international partners to introduce the beauty of Phu Quoc pearl island to friends all over the world. Achieve the goal of Top leading travel agency in terms of destinations in Southeast Asia.


Honoring the beauty of Phu Quoc to the masses  domestic and international tourists

Core values

Core values





Đội ngũ nhân sự



general director

Always ready to bring customers with more value than what was committed!


Vice director

"If you want to be successful, put your heart into your work, and your work into your heart"


Vice President of Sales B2B

Before doing well, do it right; before doing right, do it with all your heart.


Vice President of International Sales

Success is the result of perfection, hard work, learning from failure, loyalty, and persistence.


Vice President of Sales B2C

All for customers, customers for all.

Words of Gratitude

Words of Gratitude

Words of Gratitude

Vina Phu Quoc Travel is always deeply grateful to our customers, domestic and foreign partners for choosing us, and the dedication of our staff.


It is the love and wonderful memories together after your visits to Phu Quoc that have helped us grow to this day, is the driving force that motivates us every day to bring better service quality.


We appreciate, thank you for the trust, give the opportunity to serve customers of our partners, always support each other for the common goal of bringing the highest satisfaction to all visitors to Phu Quoc.


You are the most valuable asset of the company, who are always ready to meet all the needs of customers at any time. Sincerely appreciate your outstanding efforts on each stage of the company's development.

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